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We are thankful for all of the positive feed back in response to the introduction of our recycling unit. It has been well received and much appreciated.

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  • *Also available with a red door, depending on your preference.

    *Also available with a red door, depending on your preference.

  • 4 sticker choices included

    4 sticker choices included to suit your needs

This three way Recycling Station has been proportionately designed and tested to cater for all age groups from child care through to Secondary Schooling. The product is child friendly and engaging with it’s bright colours, clearly distinguished openings, labelled compartments, easy to comprehend decals and colour coded bins to achieve non cross contamination and organised waste control. It is also aesthetically pleasing in a learning environment, neatly and hygienically positioned in an easy to clean, compact cupboard.

We provide you with a choice of 4 recycling options which include Bottles and Cans, General Waste, Food Scraps and Paper Waste. These 4 sticker options allow you the flexibility of picking the best 3 suited to your organisation.

Lets work together to teach kids from a young age the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle and the environmental benefits that follow.

This colourful and fun Recycling Station gives our future generations a powerful influence over the recycling habits of our households.

We look forward to hearing how sustainable your organisation has become since adopting the Projects Inspired Recycling Station.